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basic to complex website designs




I love working with Wix and do all my sites through them now because of the ease of design and the client's ability to easily make future changes. I usually mockup 3 or 4 home pages, publish them, send links to client and once they choose the design they like, build the rest of the site from there.


I have completed over 150 WIX sites and have passed all their certification courses and am in the process of completing my application process to become one of their in-house designers. I have also done "duplication" sites where a client simply wants their site redesigned on a new server and/or wants slight improvements.


Mobile Version of Site

Of course, making your site mobile-friendly is included.


Basic SEO    

Basic SEO placement and placement of Google Analytics is included. I also offer Advanced SEO if requested. I also run a web optimization test to see how fast the site loads and if we need to make adjustments. Finally, I run Wix's SEO wizard to make sure we are all set to launch and ready to create a sitemap to submit to Google for indexing.


Ongoing “Up-Keep” of Site

I also work with a few clients where I handle their "up-keep" on an hourly basis once the site is live on an as needed basis.


Automated Email & Email Campaigns

In addition, I can setup and/or create automated email responders, as well as, automated email templates to respond to visitors who subscribe and/or fill in contact form.

Connect Your Domain

I can connect your domain for you or show you how to do it. If you want to transfer your domain to WIX…I can help you with that as well.


Online Tutoring Sessions

Also, I do tutoring sessions via Skype to show you how to maintain your site once my work is done.


Writing Services/Blogging

I am a degreed writer, so I offer my clients web content writing and SEO writing/auditing as well for an additional cost. 


ADA Compliant

Running an ADA compliant test to make sure that all requirements are met and then creating an ADA Compliance page to be visible on your site.


Sitemap/Google Submission

Create sitemap that can be submitted to Google for indexing your site to help raise your ranking and aid in organic searches.


Latest sites: (Transportation) (Author/Books) (Investment)


Health and Wellness: (Dance Instructor)  (Spa) (Therapists)  (Fitness Gym) (Health Service) (Medical Service) (Technology) (Dental Service) (Medical Service) (Nutrition Service) (Health Services)


Financial and Consulting Services: (Investment) (Lawyer)

# (bi-lingual) (Marketing) (Consultant)


Retail / E-Commerce/Software: (Commercial Recycling) (Software) (Landscape Service)


Art and Culture: (Artist) (Authors/Publishing) (Musician/Store) (Musician/Sales)


Educational and training: (Entrepreneur/Photography) (Author/School Education)


IT / Security Services: (App Store)


Other (Commerce)



Be sure to visit my portfolio site: to see other things that I can help your company with.




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