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Published Book, Memoir (2012)

Lost: Woman, Found: Child (A Memoir)


What It's About...


At 29, within a month, I left my husband, lost my job, went broke, and had almost all of my belongings stolen. Yet somehow the only question that kept going through my mind was . . . who the hell am I?


This memoir recalls my stumblings through my 30’s as I tried to figure it all out. From finding my biological parents and discovering where I came from, to exploring my sexuality and finding out who I wanted to become.


I tried to be brutally honest, so prepare yourself to cry, laugh, cringe and maybe judge, sometimes all in one paragraph. Hopefully, at the end you’ll see that not only can you survive, but you can thrive . . . especially in a great pair of red heels!

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Review of

"Lost: Woman, Found: Child"


"I am engrossed in this book! While tragic at times, humorous at others, and beautifully written, it certainly has opened my eyes to thoughts and ideas I've never contemplated. She does a marvelous job of conveying some very unique emotions and feelings. Bravo!"                      - By Starrman99


Review of

"Lost: Woman, Found: Child"


"I just finished this book and loved it. I felt like I knew her and felt the hollowness in her heart and the pain. Her triumph over that pain was inspiring."

- By B. McDonald                    -


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