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Rene Reiter


Marketing, Event Management, and Business Development Professional


Thank you for visiting my online portfolio. For more than 15 years, I've proven myself to be an asset to organizations through marketing efforts, event management, and business development. I am truly a successful hybrid employee who has mastered many technical skills that I can use to help your company grow.


Have a look around and learn how my exceptional expertise will greatly benefit your organization.




Experience Page


Strategic Initiatives

In a world of constantly changing media rules and regulations, I enjoy finding innovative ways to help potential clients reach their business goals. Once we have identified their organization's mission, I provide expert advice while designing a straightforward plan that will result in client satisfaction and hopefully many more projects in the future.


Integrated Marketing

Whether it is lead generation, lead nurture, or account-based marketing, each marketing campaign is unique and requires a specific set of solutions. I analyze each client's needs to create custom and comprehensive marketing campaigns that optimize results and bring my clients closer to their company's goals.


Corporate Events

In today's predominantly virtual work environment, it can often be difficult to get in front of existing customers and potential clients. However, we all know that this is often necessary when running a successful business. Allow me to guide you in hosting a live event that will help you not only keep your customers but also assist you in obtaining new clients. Whether it is a global conference, tradeshow, or workshop, I will provide you with a well-run and organized event that will bring your company long-lasting results.



Strategic Initiative page

Programmatic Campaigns
Using an innovative and global approach to lead generation, I create campaigns that not only result in double the leads but at less cost to you versus traditional lead generation.

By Providing:

  • Behavioral Targeting

  • Persona Targeting

  • Intent Targeting


Lead Nurture

Using "Marketo", I have proven to increase Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) by 25% in 6 months and 32% in one year. I can do the same for you and your company using my proven skills in lead generation.

By Providing:

  • Complete Implementation of Marketo

  • Research and Vetting of Tools

  • Price Negotiations

  • Design Entire Instance

  • Provide Result Reports

  • Offer Further System Optimization


Partners & JBRs

Having worked with C-Level executives from Fortune 100 companies, I have successfully partnered with big name companies across several types of industry by providing them sponsorship events that increase their brand recognition and strengthen their company's reputation.


By Providing:

  • An Increase in Brand Recognition

  • A Strengthening of Brand Reputation

  • Co-Marketing, Co-Branding, Co-Presenting Campaigns

  • Sponsorship Activities

  • Cost Analysis Reports


Customer Journey

Often people become so busy running their business that they forget they are on a journey. You need to take the time to stop and look at where your business is now and if it will be able to reach the goals you set for its future. I can help you take stock of where your company currently is and work alongside you to help you create the bright future your company deserves.


By Providing:

  • Initiation and Completion of Focus Groups

  • Effective Phone Surveys

  • Identify Current Customer Personas

  • Create Demographics of your Target Market

  • Create Personalized & Relevant Messaging

  • Revitalized Go-To-Market Strategies

  • Encouragement to Management to Invest in Marketing Automation & Account-Based Marketing (ABM).




Corporate Events page

Global Conferences

Global conferences are incredibly time-consuming and often daunting events to put together. This is something that I excel at taking on for my clients. For example, for some of my global conferences, I increased attendance by 30% year-over-year, saved over $10k by price negotiating, and simply reformatting a schedule led to a higher attendance rate from Day 1 to Day 2 of an event. I can do the same for you and your company…guaranteed.


By Providing:

  • Price Negotiations for Locations

  • Attendee Surveys

  • Custom Designed Mobile App for More Efficient Registration and Ability for Live-Polling

  • Full Autonomy of all Event Marketing and Management



Tradeshows are a great way to not only get your brand out there but also spend some quality face-to-face time with potential clients. I can create a tradeshow strategy for you that covers everything from booth collateral and design, to tracking post-tradeshow results. I have a proven record of increasing lead generation by 4 times while boosting booth traffic and tradeshow-related sales. Imagine leaving all the heavy work to me so all you have to do is show up for the event and watch the leads pour in.


By Providing:

  • Booth Design

  • Sales Collateral Design

  • Lead Engagement Strategy & Implementation

  • Pre & Post Marketing Campaigns

  • Reports of Post-Show Leads & Sales


Workshops & Training

Companies often need to hold workshops or training seminars to keep their workers up-to-date and equipped to do their jobs. I can plan and implement these events for you from concept to completion. All you have to do is tell me what your company needs and leave the rest to me. Whether it is an in-person event or a remote event, I've got you covered.



  • Lunch-n-Learns

  • Webinars









When your IT company begins to grow, it often comes with growing pains. Expanding an IT office and recruiting the right IT personnel takes a lot of money, and not to mention, a lot of time.


What if there was a better solution? A solution that brought a team of highly experienced, Microsoft-certified, IT professionals remotely to your business.


We here at Expand Force are dedicated to creating a successful team of IT Experts that will help you maintain an effective and efficient IT department. Our services can help increase your productivity so you can focus solely on continually improving and expanding your IT business.


We offer 2 major roles to help bridge in the gap in your Business. 



Our IT Roles:


  • IT Specialist (SysAdmin & NetAdmin)


  • Augmentation Specialist (Microsoft Volume Licensing & Vendor Mgmt.)




Why Choose Us?


Our IT Personnel

Expand Force sets the standard extremely high when it comes to recruiting IT personnel. Using our proprietary hiring process, our Talent Advisors seek out the most experienced and highly educated people in the IT industry. Because we demand continuous education and certifications from our hires, they are always up-to-date on the latest IT trends. Expand Force takes great pride in finding and recruiting some of the best IT personnel in the world.


Cost-Saving, Time-Saving

To grow or enhance your current IT department, you could buy more equipment, hire more people, find a way to make sure they stay educated and certified, spend time making decisions on Microsoft licensing, etc. Most IT business owners don't have the time or the money to make all of this happen. That's where Expand Force can step in and save you that time and money. Because we are a partner with Microsoft (MSP), we know how to do all the licensing and bundling of software that will not only help you avoid unnecessary costs but will also ultimately make your business run more efficiently. Also, with our IT experts already trained and certified, you no longer have to worry about paying for workshops and seminars.


Customized Plans

We know that each business has its own unique set of circumstances when it comes to IT staffing. That's why Expand Force creates fully customized plans. We offer individual, small, and large staff teams with specialists that you decide on.  Expand Force looks at each of their customers' IT staffing needs and custom tailors a plan just for them that meets and exceeds their expectations.




Our IT Staffing Page (main tab)


Our IT Specialist: (SysAdmin)


Our System Administrator's role is to make your IT department run smoothly by using the best tools and technical know-how that Expand Force expects from each of our IT specialists.


They are experienced in:

  • Maintaining servers, computer systems, hardware & software, printers and scanners, and any other peripherals used by your business.


  • Providing technical support and offer advice to your customer's computer users. They are only an email or phone call away to make sure IT departments are working effectively and efficiently.




Our IT Specialist: (NetAdmin)


Our Network Administrator's role is to manage and troubleshoot your IT network. Our specialists help monitor data and ensure that systems are optimized. They perform day-to-day tasks as required.



They are experienced in:

  • Monitoring daily server traffic and system usage.

  • Maintaining user accounts and access privileges, and network logs

  • Updating your network, application and security software

  • Performing scheduled backups and tests

  • Restoring the network if broken or intermittent connections occur

  • Creating solutions for network problems including adjusting software configurations, installing patches, rebooting the entire system

  • Providing technical support and offer advice to your customer's computer users. They are only an email or phone call away to make sure IT departments are working effectively and efficiently.





Our Augmentation Specialist: (Microsoft Volume Licensing & Vendor Mgmt.)


Our Augmentation Specialist's role is to manage your Microsoft tools and any other software management. They will help purchase and implement new licenses and software that your company will need to ensure your IT business runs as smoothly as possible.



They are experienced in:

  • Maintaining your Microsoft volume licenses by either purchasing additional licenses or ensuring that all of your current licenses are correct

  • Maintaining any other software licensing needs that your company requires

  • Providing technical support and offer advice to your company's computer users. They are only an email or phone call away to making sure your IT department is working effectively and efficiently.




Customized Teams

Every company's needs are different when it comes to staffing their IT department. Expand Force provides exactly what you need and we're there when you need to add more staff in the future…we grow with you.


We offer:


  • Individual
    Start by hiring an individual team member that can perform various tasks that you assign. You will receive an experienced team member who can complete all the unaccomplished aspects of your business so you can focus more on your day-to-day operations.

  • Small IT Team
    A small IT team consists of up to 3 team members. You can choose to get a small team of the same work description or customize your team with different job responsibilities. Perfect for building a small IT department. ​

  • Large IT Team
    An IT team consists of a Team Leader and a minimum of 5 team members. If you are looking to establish a whole new workforce, this is the perfect solution for you. You can choose the configuration of your team so that it fits your IT needs perfectly.


What is the Process?


Once you decide that Expand Force is perfect for you and your company, simply fill in the form below and we will put you in touch with one of our Talent Advisors. They will walk you through the process making sure that everything is clear and that they understand completely your IT staffing needs.



First, we will talk with you to find out the current situation or your IT department and where you need it to grow. We will gather all the specifics so that we can go and create a customized staffing plan for you.



We will arrange a time that works for you and speak either via Skype or phone to go over our customized plan for your IT business. We will go in depth on where we see the greatest needs and offer well defined solutions. Once we have answered any and all questions, and you feel you completely agree with our recommendations, we move forward together.




Taking the agreed upon plan of action for your IT department, our Talent Advisors begin to assemble a team that fits your needs. We pull from all of our experienced and certified specialists who we know will be able to handle any request or any problem that may arise when it comes to your IT customers. We then introduce them to you via Skype or phone and you make the final decision.


Then, it's all setup and you can begin to work one-on-one with your team to setup a complete plan of action for each team member and begin to expand your IT department.

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