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Upwork Testimonial (12/2021)

Wix Website/ White Paper

"Great experience, I would definitely recommend Melissa for any web design work."


Upwork Testimonial (10/2019- 1/2020)

Wix Website/ White Paper

"As always, Melissa is a pleasure to work with and very talented. This is the 3rd time we've worked with her and won't be the last. Thank you for helping us with our website and ppt presentations."

Upwork Testimonial (7/2019- 9/2019)

Wix Website/PPT

"Melissa is fantastic at what she does. She helped us rebuild our website on Wix and helped with a few customer/investor PPT presentations. We will continue to use her talent for the upcoming projects. Thanks, Melissa!!"

Upwork Testimonial (1/2018)

Wix Website

"Melissa is a god send! We communicated completely via Upwork and she was able to deliver exactly what I needed even when I wasn't able to intelligently explain what I wanted her to do. Her response time is great and she is extremely professional. My site looks beautiful, is fully functional, and I'm bringing in sales already! I'll definitely be hiring Melissa for future projects."

Upwork Testimonial (1/2018)

Wix Website

"Working with Melissa was great: she "got it" instantly in terms of what I needed; was instantly available despite being on some other jobs; and did fast, excellent work. And she is a pleasure to work with!"

Upwork Testimonial (1/2018)

Wix Website

"Melissa was immensely helpful even when we were still hashing out the details before the job started. Communication was easy and enjoyable! She was available and responsive when I needed and her expertise in design speaks for itself in her work. I would strongly suggest working with Melissa and will do so myself in the future."




Upwork Testimonial (5/2017)

Magazine Design

"I was very fortunate to find Melissa. Our relationship started out as an initial job with a ridiculously short time line. Melissa was able to deliver a quality product inside a week from initial contact. From that point on, I had found my designer. She made a considerable impact on the design and look of the magazine. 

Melissa was able to consistently deliver a high quality product. Working in vastly different time zones, communication can be a huge challenge and Melissa promptly answered emails clearly and succinctly.

I don't doubt that the success I saw was due to her great design skills and creative input. I will not hesitate to use MPJ Creative Services again in the future and cannot recommend her highly enough."


Testimonial (8/2016)

Website Design


“Melissa re-designed our website to take it from an informational site to a sales tool, using her fabulous design and web development skills to add features I didn’t know existed. Melissa was incredibly responsive throughout, and even working with her from the other side of the world in Beijing, we were able to make progress every day and deliver the project in time and on budget”


— Alex (Bejing, China)





“Melissa Jones worked as the sole designer for Topsail Magazine for 8 years, and did an excellent job of multi-tasking.  


She handled everything from ad building to article layout, photograph editing to graphic design.  She also built the magazine master and supervised the pre-press and proofing process for the printer.


Melissa is creative and flexible. In all the years that we’ve worked together, we have never missed a print deadline. We couldn’t have produced the magazine without her.  She would be an asset to any company.”


BJ Cothran, Owner   |




“Melissa Jones was our exclusive designer for the duration of my company, At Home in Carolina, LLC.   She proved to be trustworthy and professional, always meeting deadlines.


Ms. Jones executed several creative campaigns for us that included: logo design, photo editing, print material, digital material, signage, magazine ads in local and national publications, vehicle graphics, . . . actually there was nothing that we asked for that she was not able to create.  


Ms. Jones worked almost exclusively from her home office but when requested, she was more then willing to come into our office.


Melissa also saved us a great deal of money by finding printers and negotiating deals for our all of our printed materials. I would recommend Ms. Jones with no hesitation. Feel free to contact me.


 Rick Bawcum (Former President - @HomeInCarolina Custom Builders)  |  910-233-0029




“Melissa Jones has done virtually all my custom design marketing ads, posters and other from around the year 2003 and will continue to use her design talents for as long as she’ll allow us to be a client.


She has always been able to meet any deadline even though I stress her out by sending her work last minute!


She is the best graphic designer that I know.


 Harry Nick Kentrolis, IV, President  |  The Crest Fitness, Inc.  |  910.509.3044

Upwork Testimonial (4/2017)


Melissa got this job because she not only was responsive and available for the work but also because she crushed the competition in understanding my needs and expectations. Her understanding of Wix (my particular issue) was superb and she gave me the confidence to hand over the keys to our website and get the project back on track. She stepped in quickly, efficiently and under budget. Highly recommend her for anything you need done right."

Upwork Testimonial (4/2017)


Easy-going, professional, detail-oriented, dedicated... Melissa is a strong web-designer. I definitely recommend her.

Upwork Testimonial (5/2016)

Workbook Design


There's not enough I can say about the capability and professionalism of Melissa. Melissa met every deadline, rose to meet each request and delivered quality work. I would not hesitate, but rather, actively look forward to working again with Melissa.


— Layer 8 - Australia  (David)


Upwork Testimonial (3/2016)

Workbook Design


Melissa is a great project partner. She adds significant insight and value to the project, with a keen eye on improving every part of the deliverable. Her positive attitude and willingness to help is evident in everything she does. She also has great processes that help ensure a smooth project from start to finish.


— Enrich Academy (Todd)


Latest Testimonial (12/2015)



“Mpagejones is a rockstar! Would HIGHLY recommend for a job well done, quickly, efficiently and for a great price. I have already recommended her to a friend for another similar job. ”

— KimmerMorgan


Latest Testimonial (08/2015)




Latest Testimonial (08/2015)



“ I hit the JACKPOT with mpagejones! She provided brilliant, creative design work and efficient set up and functioning of my website and Internet business.


She is highly skilled and delivered FAST and 5-STAR work on my projects! Plus she communicates well and is fun and easy to work with. I'm thrilled to have found her! ”

— McLean11




“mpagejones has been an inspiration in helping our voluntary organization in designing a first class brochure to mark the 35th anniversary of the charity.


We presented her with the challenge of designing a brochure, which required a high level of skill and she delivered exactly what we asked of her.


We highly recommend her for any design work. We certainly will be using her again, this time for a creative writing skills.”

— daxpereira




“Excellent job! Quick turn around, responsive, and followed instructions to a T. I would definitely hire you again. thanks”

— martyhiggins




“From original designs, to printed materials, to digital work, copy writing, and even photography and video editing, she has always exceeded our expectations.”


“Often we had her come into the office and work directly with our sales people to organize campaigns. However, she is just as efficient and helpful off site as well. 


We loved the fact that she is so easy to reach and would often go above and beyond.”


Amy Moon (Go Energies, LLC) | 910-619-0577




“Melissa Jones and I have known each other for over 9 years.  One of the most intelligent and creative people I know, Melissa’s passion and unique vision are evident in everything she does. 


I hired her to edit a promotional video for one of my music acts and she worked tirelessly to get the project in on time.  When viewed, the video was seamless in it’s story telling.  Well beyond any music video, it was a work of art that followed one dancer’s movement and fading beautifully into another. 


I look forward to when we can work together again.”


David Pray |




“I have known and worked with Melissa Jones for the better half of four years.  She primarily provided design, distribution, and handled the logistics of any marketing materials for my division. 


There was not one time when Melissa did not deliver not only a high quality product, but also in a timely fashion. 


She and I have a very good relationship and she would be the first person I would contact if I needed anything marketing-wise. 


It would be in your best interest to hire her for your project(s) so you can experience the same professionalism and top notch customer service I eluded to above.  Should you need to contact me, do not hesitate to email me at  or call me.


 Kevin Keen, Manager, Fuel Supply and Sales  |  910-512-0311

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