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Blogger's Desk

Graphic Design
from websites to business cards, I design it all in both the print & digital world.

I specialize in complete corporate identity packages for both print and digital.


I often start at the very beginning with our clients by designing their logo, to writing their press release announcing their company, to creating their online presence.


MDesign and Creative Services, LLC (now MPJ Creative Services) has successfully been in business for over 15 years. 


I specialize in keeping a small number of clientele and providing a large number of services to them.

Starting with 2 color design way back in the old days, to four color press, to web and digital design, to interactive elements, I have seen and accomplished it all. 

It is important to note that over all these years, I have never missed a deadline or caused a reprint due to designer error. 


Be sure to check out my "That-A-Girl" page for references and feel free to contact my clients!

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