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The Top 5 Painful Questions You Should be Asking Yourself about your IT Company

It is easy to just go about your workday and not take the time to truly audit how your IT company is doing. With payroll, help desk backups, hardware/software updates that need to be made, etc. who has the time to see where your company is today compared to how you envisioned it would be when you first started out. You strive to provide the best customer service to your IT customers but are you taking the time to make sure that you are providing the same kind of care to your IT business.

Here are 5 key questions to ask your self to see where your pain points are…

  1. Compared to last year, have customer complaints lowered or become more frequent?

  2. Has the workflow increased to the point that your IT employees are struggling to keep up?

  3. Has the ROI in hiring the last employee been a good return?

  4. Have you audited your Microsoft licensing and is it in good standing?

  5. When was the last time you brought all of your hardware and software up-to-date?

Question #1's Answer:

There are more complaints

This is a tricky one to audit because this problem could be a result of several things. It could be you are experiencing a growth spurt and you don't have the employees to hand the load. It also could be that your employees need a refresher on how to handle the workflow process, or even that their current Microsoft certifications need to be updated. In this digital day and age, online reviews can sink a company with the owner not able to stop the hemorrhaging of negativity.

Question #2's Answer:

Yes, we are struggling

This growing pain can make an IT company owner want to shut the office door and scream. How much will it cost to bring in a Microsoft-certified, experienced, and capable IT team member? Do you have the ability to cover the overhead of another full-time employee? What if you decide not to and instead allow overtime for current employees? What will that cost in the long run? What if you bring a new employee in and suddenly the workflow slows down?

Question #3's Answer:

Not sure

Return on Investment (ROI) is often something that IT business owner's overlook when it comes to their employees. It's easy to see that the new server you bought was well worth the money or the new round of computers you got for this year are working out great. Now, take a look at the last person you employed. A really critical look. Has his/her hourly or salary wage brought you a ROI? Factor in health insurance, unemployment insurance, sick days, vacation days, the new equipment/workstation for them to use, paying for Microsoft certifications, buying another license for Microsoft software, etc. Compare that to how many help desk tickets he's resolved and his average time of doing them. It all adds up to a final answer that many owners just don't want to hear.

Question #4's Answer:

I think so

If you've ever worked with Microsoft licensing, it can be a bit of a struggle. Taking the time to audit your current licenses and understanding what changes need to be made uses up time you'd rather be tackling that long help desk line of customers.

Question #5's Answer:

Who has time to do all that work?

Auditing your software and hardware can often be almost a full-time job of its own. Depending on how large your company is, making sure everything is up-to-date and playing nice with each other can be daunting. Sure, you do it all the time for your IT customers but sometimes it's a struggle to do it for yourself until something happens and it grows to crisis mode.

What if all of these pain points could go away and…

  • Your customer complaints went down and your reviews went up.

  • You didn’t have to hire another in-house employee.

  • You could know that your ROI was positive.

  • Your Microsoft licensing was handled for you.

  • Your hardware/software was always up-to-date and working smoothly?

Then you are looking for Expand Force, a remote team for Microsoft Partners.

We offer a team of highly experienced, Microsoft-certified, IT professionals remotely to your business.

We here at Expand Force are dedicated to creating a successful team of IT Experts that will help you maintain an effective and efficient IT department. Our services can help increase your productivity so you can focus solely on continually improving and expanding your IT business.

We offer 2 major roles to help bridge in the gap in your Business.

Our IT Roles:

· IT Specialist (SysAdmin & NetAdmin)

· Augmentation Specialist (Microsoft Volume Licensing & Vendor Mgmt.)

Why Choose Us?

Our IT Personnel

Expand Force sets the standard extremely high when it comes to recruiting IT personnel. Using our proprietary hiring process, our Talent Advisors seek out the most experienced and highly educated people in the IT industry. Because we demand continuous education and certifications from our hires, they are always up-to-date on the latest IT trends. Expand Force takes great pride in finding and recruiting some of the best IT personnel in the world.

Cost-Saving, Time-Saving

To grow or enhance your current IT department, you could buy more equipment, hire more people, find a way to make sure they stay educated and certified, spend time making decisions on Microsoft licensing, etc. Most IT business owners don't have the time or the money to make all of this happen. That's where Expand Force can step in and save you that time and money. Because we are a partner with Microsoft (MSP), we know how to do all the licensing and bundling of software that will not only help you avoid unnecessary costs but will also ultimately make your business run more efficiently. Also, with our IT experts already trained and certified, you no longer have to worry about paying for workshops and seminars.

Customized Plans

We know that each business has its own unique set of circumstances when it comes to IT staffing. That's why Expand Force creates fully customized plans. We offer individual, small, and large staff teams with specialists that you decide on. Expand Force looks at each of their customers' IT staffing needs and custom tailors a plan just for them that meets and exceeds their expectations.

Contact us today to learn more.


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