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How to Keep Your Kitties off Your Counters

Cats are by nature hunters, that’s why they like the vantage point of high ground that includes, unfortunately, our kitchen counters.

Recently, I tried to stop my cat from jumping on the counters by squirting her with a toy squirt gun. Guess what? She LOVED it! She started waiting until I was in the room, then scamper up the cabinets, and wait for the waterworks to begin. . . sigh.

So, I started researching ways to teach her, (and her sister who now had learned the fun game) to stay off my kitchen surfaces.


Place baking sheets on the edge of the countertop, so when they jump up they’ll land on it. The noise and the sliding motion will soon teach them that it isn’t where they want to go!

Change the Surface.

Lining countertops with tinfoil, upside-down plastic rug protectors, or placemats covered in double-sided tape can also act as a deterrent. It won’t take long for cats to learn this is not a surface they want to be on, then you can remove the items.


If you take something away, you always have to add something to take its place. Carpeted cat tree furniture and shelves are perfect. Especially, shelves that attach to windows so they can keep an eye on those birds outside!


I learned spraying a cat with water is actually frowned upon. Also, I’m sure I don’t have to say this but don’t shove, swat, or yell at them. You could harm your pet, and often the cat will learn to be afraid of you - not the counter.

The Experts.

The ASPCA suggests using an “environmental punisher,” such as The Snappy Trainer or the ScatMat. These devices deter cats from jumping on counters even when you’re not home, so your pet won’t learn to simply wait until you’re not around. Don’t use an environmental punisher if your kitty is especially skittish. The cat may become reluctant to even enter the room, and this could lead to anxiety issues.

We love our kitties. They never cease to amuse and entertain us. Hopefully, with these ideas, we can live together even more in harmony!


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