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6 Annoying Things to STOP doing at Airports. WARNING: Bitchiness Alert.

We've probably all been guilty of at least one of these but how much sweeter the world would be if we just stopped.

When I first started traveling in 2017 full time, I was the most patient and kind person in airports. Mostly because I was quietly terrified of the whole place. I'd only flown 4 times before in my life and only once internationally.

Since then, I've become a nice but firm person who doesn't hesitate to point out when someone appears to think we all live in their universe. Even to this day with several flights under my belt, it amazes me how unaware people can be in an airport.

Flying, and really all travel in general, would be better if people would just stop...

1. Blocking Walkways

It can be a family with a large cart full of luggage or a tourist group all huddled together but somehow they will manage to block where people are trying to walk. My last flight, an airline worker with about 10 luggage carts nested together was coming towards a custom line I was in. The family in front of me with their own cart were lost in conversation and moved forward blocking the way. The worker stopped so as not to hit them and then just stood there looking at them. I lasted about 3 minutes before I tapped the mother on the shoulder and pointed out the man patiently waiting. Be aware of those around you and the traffic patterns inside the airport.

2. Putting everything back on and putting away everything at the conveyor belt in security

A couple of months ago, I was standing beside a couple who had decided that they should put back on their belts, jackets, shoes, etc. while standing at the end of the conveyor belt in airport security. It got to the point that bins were becoming so backlogged that they were starting to come off the belt. Surprisingly, the couple seemed completely unaware. I had waked away to the conveniently supplied benches just a couple of feet away and watched in amazement. Stack all of the bins that have your belongings and carry them to the benches to put everything back where it was....people behind you will thank you.

3. Lining up your whole family at baggage claim

I know kids love to watch the luggage come out and make its way around the belt. I get that. Even having your girlfriend/boyfriend standing next to you for company is normal. However, if you have hundreds of people on a flight and all are waiting at one baggage claim terminal, consider not blocking the belt. I had to reach over 3 kids to get to my bag a couple of flights ago and almost took out little Johnny. This was after moving 4 times around the belt to get an advantage point to even see what luggage was coming out. If you are not there to grab luggage, stand back so everyone has a fighting chance of getting their suitcases.

4. Waiting until you are at the airline ticket counter, customs, security, or at the gate to get your documents out

You know it's see the line at the ticket counter or at customs and you know what they are going to ask for. Often times, you've been waiting for several minutes for the line to slowly move forward. Yet to some people it always seems somewhat of a shock when asked for their ticket or passport. Every station has it clearly marked what you will be asked for and several airports will also have workers who will shout what is needed in their line. Have all your documents together and open to hand over so that the line can move as quickly as possible.

5. Thinking your phone call is interesting

It's not. It really isn't. Knowing that Bill didn't have the quarterly reports ready or that Betty might not be able to meet you at the gate is no concern of mine. There is always one in either a gate waiting area or in a lounge that talks so loud you assume either they are deaf or the person they are speaking to is. They would have to be. Recently, I was on a Greyhound bus sitting in front of a lady on the phone who was talking so loud that the bus driver, a frail-looking older gentleman, pulled the bus over and said, "If I can hear you all the way up here you're talking too loud, please keep your conversations to yourselves. Thank you." I wanted to run up and hug his neck and ask him to adopt me. There is no reason to be speaking loudly when on the phone and if you need to do it, please walk out into the open areas of the airport.

6. Getting in line with no idea of what you want to order

I was in line on a trip back from Portugal and wanted to get a chai latte. 2 girls cut in front of me to the head of the line and proceeded to talk through the virtues of tea versus coffee and what sweeteners were better for the diet they were on. They grilled the girl behind the counter on all the different teas they offered before thinking they needed the caffeine after all and might just go with coffee. The line began to snake around and block the walkways. Another girl stepped out from the back and asked me what I wanted. "Grande chai latte, skinny," I quickly stated. The one girl in line in front of me turned around and said to me, "Ohhhhh, a chai latte...that sounds good!". I smiled and pointed to the now long line behind them and said, "I bet anything is beginning to sound good to all the people patiently waiting behind you." She and her companion quickly whipped around and were met with several annoyed faces. They quickly ordered a chai latte each and moved on.


It's not rocket science....just be more aware. We're all trying to get somewhere else and to spend the least amount of time in an airport. Let's all do it the best way we can...that's all I'm asking for.


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