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5 Great Gifts for the Woman in Your Life Who Travels A Lot

Give a gift that she'll enjoy (and think of you) when she goes on her adventures.

Women who love to travel and explore different cultures, foods, and art may not be the easiest to buy for. They tend to have eclectic tastes and love to bring back things from far away countries that you can't just pick up at your local Target. Here are some great gift ideas that will be sure to make their holidays special.

1. Not Sexy, But A Gift Card Keeps Giving Throughout The Year

I know, I know...nothing particularly exciting about a gift card but having some on hand when you travel a lot is pretty sweet. Imagine buying that mocha at a Starbucks in London or Canada and it's already paid for! I love that Uber now sells gift cards and now so does Airbnb. There are a ton of cards to choose from but I've enjoyed iTunes card and Starbucks card the most.

2. Monthly Gift Boxes From Travel-Inspired Companies

I recently discovered a couple of companies that will send you a small box full of travel-inspired goodies. From foods from different countries delivered to your door to art created by local artisans to books from foreign authors that even included a coffee or tea from their region. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving all year-round!

Here are just a few:

3. Travel-Inspired Jewelry

I love this idea because it is something that you or she can keep adding to. Buy a long necklace or a strong bracelet and add charms to it inspired from the places she's traveled.

Here are a couple great ones:

4. Essential Oils

I carry sage oil with me wherever I go as it is known for its calming effect. I put it on my wrists and even on my pillowcase. Essential oils can make anywhere smell good and works wonders for headaches, fatigue, insomnia, and much more. Feeling stuffy? A couple of drops of eucalyptus while in the shower will open your sinuses right up. Can't get your brain to shut off when you're trying to sleep? A bit of lavender oil on your pillow will calm you right down. Plus, they don't take up much room and with their potency, a couple of drops are all you need.

Here are a couple sets that will work wonders.

5. Travel Journals

I have a journal that I write in wherever I go. I paste in ticket stubs or pictures. I just use a simple moleskin one with an inside pocket but there are travel journals that you can color or draw in, or that give you inspiration.

Here are a few.


I know I'd love any of these gifts and I'm sure that your lady of adventure will too. Alsom gifts like these show that you really know her and support her adventurous spirit.


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